FairCode Offers Tools to Improve Member’s Clinical Scorecard

Did you know that your Patient Safety Indicators (PSI) scorecard may be over-reporting potential quality issues? Many PSIs have multiple exclusions that can be identified through a simple chart review by a FairCode-trained physician. For example, if an elderly patient falls and breaks their hip during admission, how do you know they didn’t break their hip first and then fall? A physician’s review may find that the patient had osteoporosis, and that based on the type of fracture, can be excluded from your PSI scorecard. Identifying the real risk to patients, rather than the assumed risks, is the first step in addressing PSI scorecard issues. For more information about PSI reviews or physician-led diagnosis-related group (DRG) assignment reviews, contact DHenderson@faircode.com or speak to us at the Patient Safety Summit (VHHA Services booth) Feb. 4.