InfoArmor VigilanteATI Redefines Information Security

Selected as a preferred resource by VHHA Shared Services, InfoArmor® VigilanteATI is a feature-rich, comprehensive solution delivering actionable, targeted threat intelligence with context that alerts users to the potential impact of attacks before they become a direct or peripheral organizational risk. InfoArmor® VigilanteATI continuously searches the dark web for chatter by bad actors, analyzes threat data, and offers a scalable solution that increases visibility, reduces exposure to risk, and limits impacts that may come from both current and emerging threats including malware, ransomware, and more. VigilanteATI provides the necessary comprehensive advanced threat intelligence to effectively reveal critical intelligence about the timing, method, tactics, and motivations of potential attackers to help defend against past, present, and future global cyber threats. For more information, contact David Jenkins at or (804) 965-1350.