InfiniTrak Launches Upcoming Partners in Continuing the Conversation Education Series

InfiniTrak is excited to announce its upcoming Partners in Continuing the Conversation Education Series to support ongoing education outreach on the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). InfiniTrak is continuously crafting opportunities to learn more about the DSCSA and the role of compliance as dispensers. VHHA Shared Services is pleased to present this opportunity to members. This latest educational series will explore the business impact on pharmacy operations and hospital systems now and during the roll out of the law. Visit this link to download InfiniTrak’s starter Hospital Compliance Kit for some basic informational pieces on crafting a readiness plan. The series is slated to begin in May with a “Pharmacy Podcast Session Series Kickoff.” In June, a DSCSA Roundtable event is planned to provide updates on DSCSA in Virginia, the state of industry readiness, regulations and the new administration, and a look ahead to efforts on the horizon. Program dates are yet to come. Please contact InfiniTrak at to receive updates on this latest DSCSA educational series. Additional information about the May and June events will be provided as it becomes available.