Improve Patient Experience through High Reliability Process Engineering

VHHA Shared Services has selected Care Logistics as a distinctly unique patient care progression company that combines breakthrough approaches to care coordination with innovative care progression software. Care Logistics is committed to helping its customers achieve dramatic results in patient throughput, quality, and experience. The Care Logistics team has extensive expertise in process engineering, change management, care coordination, and human logistics software. They put that expertise to work for you to drive sustainable improvements in efficiency, reliability, and predictability with a positive impact on your financial performance. Among the results VHHA members can expect to receive by working with Care Logistics are:

  • Dramatic improvements in throughput efficiency, care quality, and patient experience.
  • Reduced acute care and observation length of stay.
  • Achieve high reliability in clinical operations.
  • Reduced number of patients who leave the Emergency Department without being seen.
  • Deferred capital spending by increasing existing capacity.
  • Increased case mix index.

For more information, contact Care Logistics at (800) 930-0870, or learn more about the dramatic results Care Logistics customers are achieving at