Optimize Inpatient Services through Enhanced Care Team Coordination

Endorsed by VHHA Shared Services, Care Logistics helps hospitals optimize the prioritization and allocation of inpatient services. With Order Logistics software and processes, Care Logistics clients benefit from real time tracking of all current and planned individual patient clinical activity, room assignments, admission and discharge times, and movements. Some specific enhancements include:

  • Patient services (lab, procedures, and scans) are correctly prioritized, coordinated, and completed on time across multiple people and departments to deliver peak efficiency.
  • Each service department has prioritized work queues. Caregivers can focus on patients since they no longer have to call to coordinate services and check on patient readiness.
  • Caregivers can see all daily orders and are alerted to the need for patient preparation. They can also see the effect services have on a patient’s length of stay.
  • Service delays, double bookings, and cancellations that impede care and increase the length of stay are reduced.

Positive results associated with Care Logistics can include improved patient flow, reduced length of stay, better patient experience, and increased productivity. Learn more about Order Logistics and other solutions from Care Logistics (a sponsor of VHHA programs and events) to help your organization drive efficiency and achieve performance excellence at www.carelogistics.com or contact Beth Delricco at bdelricco@carelogistics.com or 470-330-3742.