Beyond EMR: Four Best Practices for Optimizing Efficiency

As hospitals and clinicians have settled in to the relatively new world of electronic medical records (EMR), there is an interest in finding new ways to maximize that investment and benefit from the vast datasets these systems collect. Care Logistics, a VHHA Shared Services endorsed partner,  helps health care organizations achieve maximum benefits by aligning best practices with these technologies. On their own, many EMRs don’t offer a focus on logistics and optimization – their primary function is data collection and documentation. And while some EMR platforms have added a basic bed management option to facilitate patient placement, that is only a small step toward driving measurable process efficiency in the hospital. Part of the challenge is that EMRs were not built with the purpose of solving operational efficiency challenges. Many hospitals and health systems that spend significant time and resources implementing and optimizing EMRs soon thereafter experience diminishing returns on investment in terms of efficiency gains. Care Logistics Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Samantha Platzke offers four best practices hospitals can implement to build upon their EMR platforms and improve efficiency. Read more here.