Verified Credentials Offers Background Screening Insights to Health Care Organizations

Background screening, as both a required and necessary part of the hiring process, helps keep health care organizations compliant, and protects staff and patient safety. As a trusted background screening partner to many health care organizations and VHHA members, Verified Credentials offers these insights on background checks:

  • While fingerprint checks and other state-mandated searches may be required, they aren’t necessarily a standalone background check solution because that method doesn’t take into account all of the possible records available to an experienced background screening company.
  • When it comes to verifying work or academic history, Verified Credentials makes unlimited attempts to complete every verification until a client is satisfied. This is above and beyond the industry standard whereby verification efforts stop after 72 hours.
  • Verified Credentials has seen a 350 percent increase in reccurring checks on existing staff. A bulk screening solution is an easier way to complete large-scale screening projects, including health care-specific screenings such as OIG reports.

Verified Credentials is a VHHA endorsed partner with 35 years of experience providing background screening services to the health care industry. The company’s experts are available to discuss solutions and insights to health care organizations considering a background screening program fresh start. Visit this link to schedule a consultation.