ARMSRxARMSRx assists plan sponsors in achieving savings in their prescription drug benefit plans. VHHA offers access to the PBM program that ARMSRx developed and has implemented successfully for hospitals as well as non-health care employers in many other states. The program has demonstrated impressive negative to very low trends for the majority of its employer group clients accessing the program. ARMSRx leveraged this unparalleled program on over 120,000 lives and it is now available to self-funded groups of all sizes.

In addition, VHHA members can obtain a no cost assessment of their current PBM spend to determine the savings’ opportunity. Other consulting services from ARMSRx also are available at no additional charge.

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  • Complete pricing transparency – full disclosure of all fees
  • Aggressive discounts on brand and generic drugs
  • Access to greater rebate reimbursements
  • Uncompromising performance guarantees
  • Flexible benefit plan design options including the use of in-house pharmacy
  • Dedicated implementation and account management staff
  • VHHA/ARMSRx consultants monitoring for quality assurance
  • Proven cost management tools
  • Assistance with employee communication and implementation
  • “Carve out” potential from fully-insured medical plans

To identify your true savings potential, ARMSRx will perform a savings analysis based on your actual pharmacy claims data. This analysis will provide you with an objective view of how your current pharmacy program is performing.

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VP, Business Development
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Cincinnati, OH 45238
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