FairCode AssociatesFairCode was founded in 2001 by a team of physicians and clinicians to improve coding documentation and compliance in hospitals. Using board certified physicians to review every single chart, FairCode validates DRG assignment to match patient acuity and severity of illness to the coding to ensure that their clients receive full compensation for the care they render.

As a company developed by clinicians, FairCode provides specially trained physicians to review the documentation post CDI and coding efforts but before billing to create clinically cleaner claims. These specifically trained physicians use FairCode’s audit support technology to collaborate with hospital coders to more accurately code diagnoses and procedures. Physician-to-physician dialogue improves and clarifies the medical record documentation so that appropriate codes are selected and sequenced for final DRG assignment. Quality metrics, including ROM and POA diagnoses, are addressed because of the physician’s perspective on each case.

In 2017, FairCode client hospitals with at least 150 beds experienced between $322,000 and $9.5 million in additional billed revenue. FairCode clients rely on these resources each year to support their mission.

  • Clinical Accuracy– FairCode physicians are trained in the principles of coding. By focusing on the clinical accuracy and utilizing our reviewed database, we are able to identify and make recommendations on those cases that have the greatest opportunity for miscoding errors.
  • Financial impact– Over $50 million in additional revenue found for our clients over the last 12 months. Of all cases reviewed, the average return per case was $300, or 4.2:1 ROI.
  • Compliance– Prevention of fraud and abuse penalties by identification of incorrect coding. Augments compliance efforts through external audit process.
  • Real-time reporting of Program impact– Quickly see program impact by case, day, week, month, or year at no additional charge.
  • Quick launch capability– Ability to launch in under 30 days and go positive on ROI within 60 days
  • Flexibility– A complimentary analysis is conducted to validate current coding opportunities with evolving case-mix. Review hours can be quickly scaled to match volume.
Denny Henderson
Account Executive
(888) 826-3348 Office
(215) 510-0832 Mobile
A sample list of clients:

Baxter (AR)
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CT)
Frederick Memorial (MD)
IASIS – (TX and LA)
Jackson-Madison (TN)
Laughlin Memorial (TN)
LifeBridge Healthcare (MD)
Methodist Healthcare (TN)
Vanderbilt University (TN)
Wellmont (TN)

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