InfiniTrak_LogoWebReadyAs a Virginia-based technology company, InfiniTrak is a comprehensive solution that easily integrates with your processes, providing a track-and-trace platform that ensures full compliance with The Drug Supply Chain Securities Act (DSCSA).

To comply with these regulations, hospitals and pharmacies must implement protocols to verify drug supply chain trading partners, purchasing data and product quality. InfiniTrak has earned a solid reputation in the marketplace providing a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform for outreach, aggregation of educational tools and resources, curating materials, and guidance on federal enforcement as DSCSA regulations evolve.

When creating a DSCSA compliance plan for your hospital, it is critically important to partner with the right team to ensure current and new FDA requirements are properly adhered to as the regulations roll out through 2023. InfiniTrak has you covered with a solution that is designed to support current and future compliance requirements.

InfiniTrak delivers full compliance with the three central DSCSA requirements through a flexible and easy to use platform.

  • Integrate multiple wholesalers’ data into a single portal
  • Real-time access to transaction history with user friendly, responsive design
  • Ease of entry of manual transaction data in various formats
  • Gain access to a Track & Trace system that is easy to use and adapt to your IT environment
  • Integrate new technology solutions into workflow without high maintenance costs
  • Ensure verification of trading partners
  • Provide full accounting of their system for streamlined management
  • Support workflow by creating standardized policy for handling suspect products
  • Access predefined, easily-compiled reports to respond to audits / investigations
  • Avoid need for on-site programming or IT support
  • Access responsive customer care and training support
Mark Tate
President & COO
(703) 570-5402

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