JohnHancockJohn Hancock’s Group Program for Long-Term Care Insurance is designed to help enhance the benefits offered to your employees.

An individual long-term care insurance policy is available to be purchased with a discount for your employees, their spouses, parents, parents-in-law, children and grandparents.

Long-Term Care Insurance is available at a discounted rate (up to 40%) for all VHHA members and employees. Offers comprehensive coverage for home health care, assisted living facilities, adult day care and nursing homes. The benefits will be customized for each individual member.

  • Discounted Premium
  • Modified underwriting process
  • Additional Stay at Home Benefit – built in benefit
  • Benefit Flexibility
  • Professional assistance to guide employees through enrollment process
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“A benefit like Long Term Care Insurance makes perfect sense in a hospital because our health care professionals are acutely aware of the need. They know about the expense that can be involved as well as the burden that can be placed on the family. I think this knowledge is one of the main reasons Long Term Care Insurance has been so well received by the staff here.

In addition to the benefit it represents to our staff, it is very valuable from the standpoint of retention… hospitals are in a very competitive arena when it comes to attracting and retaining quality staff. Benefits like Long Term Care Insurance put us a step ahead in this effort.

Long Term Care Insurance also fits very well with our overall benefits philosophy. Our benefits package is perceived as one of the best in this area. We strive to offer a complete package and feel that Long Term Care Insurance is a very important element of the offerings.”

-Prince William Hospital System, Human Resources Department

“I know how difficult it can be to provide long term care for a family member. I’ve dealt with this issue with my Father, Mother-In-Law, and currently have a brother in a nursing home. I know first hand how expensive it can be.

I was very happy that my employer offered Long Term Care Insurance. I was one of the first to sign up because I do not want to burden by family…my nieces and nephews…if I should need care in the future.

Having the plan through our sponsored-group program with John Hancock makes it available…and, most importantly, affordable. It gives me a tremendous feeling of peace of mind to know I’ll be cared for. Buying this coverage is definitely the right thing for me to do in my situation.”

-Linda Owen, Hospital Employee

“We made a decision that we do not want to spend time in a nursing home facility…so the opportunity to purchase Long Term Care Insurance was very important to my husband and me. It gives us the freedom to plan to live our lives the way we choose to, in our own home. We were very fortunate to be able to purchase this product through my husband’s professional association. It is always nice to be able to save money on something that you need.”

-Knight Hill, spouse of physician employee, Dr. Ed Hill

“I chose John Hancock because it is a good company. A name I recognize. I looked at a number of other companies and compared the coverage they provide and feel like John Hancock’s plan is the best choice by far.

Personally, of all the illnesses that could require long-term care, stroke is the biggest concern to me. If I was in a situation after a stroke where I require on-going assistance – assisted living or other facility – I definitely would benefit from the coverage my policy provides.

Another thing I found important was the savings I received as a result of being a member of the VHHA. That savings is substantial and made the coverage even more affordable.”

-Richmond Physician and Surgeon

Prince William Health System
Rockingham Memorial Hospital
Community Memorial Healthcenter
Page Memorial Hospital
Inova Health System
VCU Medical Center
Valley Health

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