RCI3As health care explores the principles of High Reliability Organizations (HRO) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Reliability Center, Inc. (RCI) has been developing and successfully implementing such approaches since 1972. RCI’s PROACT® RCA Methodology and Investigation Management System Software, can make attaining and exceeding your HRO/ERM goals much less stressful. PROACT® is compatible with the principles of RCA2 as well as the Human Factors Analysis Classification System (HFACS).

While most consider RCA primarily a reaction task, RCI advocates the proactive application of RCA. This is consistent with true HRO principles. There is absolutely no reason that effective RCA cannot be applied to chronic failures, identified unacceptable risks and near misses. RCI’s PROACT® Investigation Management Software Solutions includes a/an:

1. Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA) Module to identify the 20% or less of the potential failure modes that account for 80% or more of the risks (high risks and near misses);
2. Opportunity Analysis (OA) Module to identify the 20% or less of the actual failure modes that account for 80% or more of the total annual dollar ($) losses in a system being analyzed (chronic failures); and
3. Trending Module that allows analysts to report their system-wide RCA performance to the Board.

An analysis is only as good as the analyst. Therefore RCI’s experienced staff of field experts provides interactive training, independent consulting as lead investigators and facilitators for various types of analyses and software solutions to make managing the entire Reliability/RCA efforts easier and much more effective. RCI’s PROACT® offerings apply to any undesirable outcome. The PROACT® Software can even accommodate most of the major RCA approaches such as 5-Whys, Fishbone, Brainstorming and Form-Based RCA.

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My name is Faye Sheppard RN MSN JD and I served as one of the individuals on the core expert panel that wrote the NPSF RCA2 white paper. I also contributed to ASHRMs RCA Playbook. I have 35 years’ experience in healthcare risk management and patient safety. Also on the core expert panel were the co-chairs of the task force Doug Bonacum, a chemical engineer, formerly with Kaiser and Jim Bagian, an engineer who is also a physician and former astronaut. This process gave me new appreciation of the engineering perspective in the RCA process as a majority of the expert panel have an engineering background. Other industries have for a long time used RCAs to improve processes and procedures. Healthcare clearly lags behind and could definitely benefit from those in other industries who have for a long time performed effective safety engineering. Bob Latino has been in the Reliability engineering field for 32 years and has a strong safety background. He has experience with healthcare and is often seen as a go to expert in safety engineering including the RCA process. I have no reservation in recommending him as a very well qualified and knowledgeable expert capable of teaching RCAs to anyone in healthcare.” – Faye Sheppard RN MSN JD, Fayesheppardpsr@yahoo.com, 817-929-1800

“Using the PROACT Methodology, we identified quite a few issues that perhaps would have remained unidentified with a less robust RCA process.” – Rafael E. Campo, MD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Miami School of Medicine, Chief Patient Safety and Quality Officer University of Miami Health System

“PROACT provides a user-friendly, intuitive approach to meaningful root cause analysis. Data for analysis is assembled and analyzed quickly. PROACT offers a straightforward approach that can be used to drill down on serious reportable events and as a powerful ERM business tool to gauge the return on investment or “ROI” when making important decisions impacting the healthcare enterprise. It is just what is needed in contemporary healthcare risk management.” – Fay A. Rozovsky, JD, MPH, DFASHRM, President, The Rozovsky Group, Inc.

 “I’ve long known what an RCA is supposed to do, but not how to get there. Using the PROACT software helped to easily apply the RCA discipline to produce analyses that are robust and meaningful. In fact, PROACT helped uncover surprising causes buried in events that I thought I knew everything about”! – Tobias Gilk, M. Arch., President & MRI Safety Director. Mednovus™ SAFESCAN®

“What makes PROACT unique and better than conventional RCA methods is its unbiased, rigorous, and comprehensive approach to events that compromise patient care and safety. By asking “How could this happen’ rather than “Why did this happen,’ PROACT considers the full range of possible pathways to harm, ultimately improving the quality, value, and efficiency of the RCA process.” – Tricia Pil, MD, physician, PROACT user for RCA of healthcare sentinel events

“The age of self-critical analysis has come to healthcare, and Root Cause Analysis has become the tool used to investigate both individual performance deficits and system errors that have led to medication errors. Initially, RCA began by asking “why” but now we have a better tool, PROACT, which trains us to understand how errors could have happened.” – David Benjamin, PhD, FCP, FCLM, FASHRM – Clinical Pharmacologist and Toxicologist

“I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Bob Latino and his team at Reliability, Inc. in producing a Root Cause Analysis video of a common Medication Error involving an RN.  Our goal was to create a learning module that would help healthcare professionals and patient advocates understand the complexity of such a problem and what can be done to prevent future errors. Every step of the way was a respectful and skilled inquiry into factors that contributed to the error. The logic tree process and Bob’s style helped me to feel safe in disclosing all aspects about the incident.  The recommendations in the RCA findings have application to many nurse practice settings and I would highly recommend Reliability, Inc. as a resource for RCA work.” – Beth Boynton, RN, MS, Nurse Consultant, Author & Speaker. www.confidentvoices.com

 “We have gotten so much more from our analysis using PROACT. What was usually a long drawn out process has been significantly streamlined. Using the program has been a great educational tool for our organization from the clinical side to hospital information system analysis to maintenance engineering.” – Anne Flood, Director Risk/Quality, Union Memorial Hospital/MedStar

“VHHA Services is always looking for innovative resources that help Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) member hospitals and health systems enhance the delivery of quality patient care.  As an endorsed partner of VHHA, RCI consistently delivers on that commitment by helping our member organizations understand how human, system and process failures occur through cause-and-effect relationships, while providing the knowledge and skills necessary to help prevent their recurrence in the future.” – David Jenkins, Vice President, VHHA Services

“The partnership between Southside Virginia Community College and Reliability Center Inc was pure genius for SVCC, our business partners & our workforce students. Bob Latino’s decades of industry expertise and experience with Root Cause Analysis translate easily into simple, workable tools for leaders and employees to use in any organizational setting. In addition to workbook materials, tools and hands-on activities, RCI provided a web-linked resource page custom-designed for SVCC workshop participants to visit, peruse and print additional materials & tools post-workshop. With this kind of customer-service and professionalism, it’s no wonder that RCI and Bob Latino received consistently high marks and praise on the workshop evaluations.  SVCC looks forward to the next time we can provide our students access to RCI’s knowledge-base and training.” – Pam Taylor, Coordinator of Business & Industry Services, SVCC

“Bob Latino, CEO of the Reliability Center, Inc. spoke at our annual educational conference on the topic of proactive risk assessment and how to turn your RCA/FMEA into ROI. Bob did a wonderful job linking the content of his presentation to that of other speakers throughout the conference. The interactive nature of his presentation and the demonstration of various tools available for event analysis were well-received by conference participants (as was the free trial of his PROACT® software, which one lucky attendee won as a door prize!)” – Janice Horner, MPH, CHES, CPHQ, Education Committee Chair, North Carolina Association for Healthcare Quality (NCAHQ)

” We validated the Logic Tree methodology after learning about it through Bob Latino’s article, Root Cause Analysis Versus Shallow Cause Analysis: What’s the Difference? The Logic Tree Approach is now our system standard, and we’ve adopted the PROACT® software as well. Our system goal is to make our RCA’s more proactive and to capitalize on the RCA lessons learned to prevent harm across the system. The Reliability Center staff has been very responsive to our training and software needs over the years.” – David Allison, PeaceHealth Director of Patient Safety

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