TBUtilityTroy and Banks, Inc., is dedicated to helping VHHA members reduce operating costs by identifying billing discrepancies and finding avenues for rate and expense reduction. Troy & Banks is a utility and telecommunications consulting firm that helps organizations recover refunds for billing errors and make sure that those errors do not re-occur in the future. The company’s performance-based approach means there are no fees unless billing errors are identified. Troy & Banks also provides energy procurement and curtailment services and green energy programs to keep your organization up-to-speed with the ever-changing energy market.

VHHA members can participate in audits of their utility and phone accounts with no up-front cost or long-term agreements. Troy & Banks only charges a fee if a refund or savings is produced. As an added incentive, Troy & Banks has reduced its contingency-percentage for VHHA members from 50 percent to 40 percent. That means that you keep 60 percent of the refunds or savings that are found!

  • Our company helps organizations reduce operating costs by finding discrepancies and take advantage of energy programs that return dollars.
  • Troy and Banks attempts to maximize savings while still maintaining budget certainty.
  • Auditors and accountants at Troy & Banks look for rate discrepancies as well as avenues for rate reduction, such as the Energy Star tax exemptions for efficiency upgrades. The company only charges its clients if it produces a refund or savings.
  • We can assist in establishing energy risk management plans by analyzing risk tolerance levels of each “participating health system.”
  • Clients can be advised which energy product best meets their individual tolerance level (Fixed price product, fixed price with stipulated volumes, real time, hedge, blend extend).
  • We can help in assisting participating members by analyzing and assessing all price proposals provided from reliable ESCOs based upon business objectives, energy requirements, and energy profiles.
  • Energy billings can be monitored on a quarterly basis to validate pricing and assist in budget forecasting. Factors that drive the energy market change continually, e.g.; Crude oil pricing, temperature, infrastructure restriction, demand growth, hedge fund speculators and geo-political issues.
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“Thank you for the exceptional work Troy & Banks completed on our behalf. I would strongly recommend your utility and telecommunications consulting services to any inquiring business or nonprofit organization. To date, your firm has successfully recovered over $30,000 in over billed charges for our Nursing Home. The refunded revenues, as well as monthly savings, has provided relief to our budgets and has generated additional funding for other areas of need within our facilities. Your company was organized, persistent, professional, and successful in negotiating with the utility providers. My staff also appreciated yourefforts in keeping us informed and involved in the process. Again, thank you for your valuable service.”

-Duane Girdner, Genesee Valley Presbyterian Nursing Center, Inc.

“On behalf of the Chesapeake City Public Schools District, I extend our appreciation for the efforts and accomplishments of Troy & Banks, Inc. during the recent audit of our utility accounts and statements. We found the performance of Troy & Banks, kc. to be accommodating to our needs and procedures. The aggressive style used to discover and recover invalid charges on behalf of the Owner was very effective. The end result of the
project exceeded the initial estimates for financial recovery. I look forward to working with Troy & Banks, Inc. on future projects.”

-Gene Whitley, Energy Program Administrator, Chesapeake Public Schools

“On behalf of the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, I want to thank Troy & Banks for your efforts in securing a curtailment payment of $100,000 for the summer 2005 session. We look forward to additional funds for the winter season.

You staff has been very responsive to our needs. I was quite impressed with their knowledge of the program, as well as their ability to provide me with status updates of savings associated with our actual curtailment.

Troy & Banks showed a strong sense of professionalism, attention to detail and excellent overall customer service by providing us with a thorough understanding of how the program operates. I would highly recommend your services to any company or health organization as a potential source of additional revenue, as well as for future annual savings. We are looking forward to a long and valuable relationship.”

-Victor G. DeMarco, SVP/CFO, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center

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